Benefits Of The Toyota Road Sign Assist

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Benefits Of The Toyota Road Sign Assist

Safety and security are paramount to navigate through our roads. While driving, one must be vigilant about their surroundings and of other cars on the streets too. With distractions and harsh road conditions aplenty, it becomes difficult to ensure that you are driving safely.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 is an innovation that comes built into your Toyota car at no supplementary cost. The Safety Sense 2.0 features are designed to enhance driver assistance and provide you and your passenger's maximum safety.

One such feature that comes with Safety Sense 2.0 is the Road Sign Assist. The technology uses an intelligent front-facing camera that detects all kinds of road signs on your path, like speed limit signs, stop signs, do not enter signs, as well as yield signs. A warning will then be provided on your multi-information system display.

In harsh weather conditions, there may be heavy winds and rain or snowfall. Driving under these conditions can be quite risky as the driver’s vision becomes severely impaired. The possibility of passing by and missing important road signs is a risk that comes along with low-visibility. Road Sign Assist can warn the driver of any such road signs that could be easily missed. The driver can also keep track of their speed limit to avoid being pulled over for crossing the mandated range.

The alerts are displayed on a Multi-Information System and a buzzer can be heard upon the detection of any sign. In addition, the Road Sign Assist feature can be enabled or disabled as per the driver’s choice, and meter-control system buttons can be found on the wheel of the car which can be toggled to choose the desired option.

The additional features available with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 include a Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic High Beams, Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and Lane Tracing Assist. With all these offerings built into your vehicle, you can ensure that you maintain safety and security while driving. If you wish to test out these incredible driver-assist features, head to the nearest Toyota Car Dealership to test drive the vehicle of your choice.

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